If you are a trainer and would like to use my training manuals in your classes then there is an option to license them. Licensing the manuals allows you to use them during your classes and print and give them to your students.

There is no limit to how many copies you can print and there are no renewal fees. However, you may not sell or give the manuals to anyone that is not a student of yours. Each digital copy is watermarked in a way that makes that copy unique for identification purposes.

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The manuals are suitable for a5 printing. If you choose to print larger than this you may notice a decrease in resolution. The cover and introduction pages will be replaced with your own images and information.

To be eligible to license the manuals you must be able to provide:

- Your Eyelash Extension Training Certificates

- Your Trainer Certificates

- Your Insurance Certificates

Licensing Cost

​Classic Manual £100

Advanced Manual £150

Volume Manual  £150

Styling & Mapping Manual £150

If you are interested in purchasing the license please send an email to